Terms & Conditions

Equipment Use

The customer warrants where a skip is to be placed other than on private property 

1. That the permission of Local Authority/ Roads Department has been duly obtained and appropriate permit issued.

2. That the said permission will be kept in force during the period of hire.

3. That they will ensure that the skip is properly lighted throughout the hours of darkness.

4. That they will not remove the skip from the place where it has been deposited without first obtaining the permission of Morrow Skip Hire.

5. That they will ensure that at the time of collection that there is a clear space at one end of the skip of no less than ten meters and by three meters.

6. Customers requesting or ordering vehicles, delivering or collecting skips to leave the road shall ensure that the driveway, path or street surface is adequate to withhold the weight of the vehicle and skip.

7. Customers shall reimburse Morrow Skip Hire in respect of any loss or damage to the skip whilst on hire to them.

8. That Morrow Skip Hire will not be held responsible for any injuries to the customer or any other person/s, arising out of the use of the skips whilst on hire to the customer

9. That the following rules are applied

           a. There should be no fire, a light within or near the skip

           b. Not to place any corrosive acid or noxious substance nor

           liquid cement or concrete in the skip.

           c. To ensure that the skip is not filled above the level of the sides thereof.

           d. To pay all the extra expense and costs including possibly a

           new container which may result from non-observance of the above.

Restricted Material

– Fridges/Freezers  
– Oil                                             
– Batteries                            
– Tyres                                
– Paint Cans                                
– Plasterboard
– TV’s/Monitors                
– Asbestos                                   
– Clinical/Medical Waste                            
– Florescent Tubes           
– Hazardous/Toxic Material    
– Solvents                           
– Liquids

 Surcharges will apply where these items have been deposited without the permission of Morrow Skip Hire